Friday’s Fun Find: Reading Bingo!

ImageYou know what’s crazy about Bingo? Everybody loves it. 

When I was teaching–preschoolers, 2nd graders, middle schoolers–honestly, it didn’t matter. Bring out a Bingo game board, and those kids were all over it.

Yep, you’d be surprised what kids will learn to fill out a Bingo card. So it’s no surprise to me that adults (who played a ton of Bingo in their day) will get sucked into playing the Reading Bingo Challenge. And when I say “adults”, I’m using the term loosely since I’m counting myself.

When I found this fun game over at Retreat for Random House, I thought of you, too. I realize that most writers would read anytime, anywhere, anyway. But this just adds a whole ‘nother level of excitement to reading. Because hey! Who doesn’t love Bingo?