Did You Hear The One About …?

ImageYou know I love the funny. And I love writing the funny. So when I saw that the Greenhouse Funny Prize was back, I thought maybe the gods of writing fun were sending me a message. Something like, “Quit piddling around and write.” Or maybe even, “Step away from Plants vs. Zombies now.”

That’s a drastic message, friends. But the Greenhouse Funny Prize is pretty serious stuff, so it’s time for this funny writer to get serious. Because not only will the winner get representation at Greenhouse ( I met Greenhouse’s Sarah Davies at a conference and you can read all about her here and what she had to share, and honestly, when I re-read what I’d written, I kinda fell for her all over again.) but also…well, I think representation is quite enough.

Best news? You (and by “you”, I mean, lazy me) have till July 29th to get your sparkly, witty, brilliantly funny manuscript completed and sent. And you might want to check out John Cusick (of Greenhouse) since he’ll be doing the judging. 

Oh, yeah. It’s on, baby. And that’s no joke.