Tootin’ My Horn Tuesday: Sasee Magazine!

2014-07-22 07.50.53Look what came in the mail for me! (You can’t hear me so I’ll just let you know that I’m singing…sort of a “Look what came in the mail for me! Tra-la-la-la-la-la-la-la!)

I received a copy of Sasee Magazine because my essay, “Road Trippin’ with Grandma,” is in this month’s issue! Wheeee!

Now, I realize that some of you may have already read this essay when I slapped it up on Facebook (and thank you SO much for all those lovely comments!). But some of you may have seen my horn-tootin’ title above–those of you, for instance, who don’t mess with Facebook–and thought, “Hey. I didn’t know Cathy had an essay in Sasee Magazine.”

This post’s for you. (And if you’d like to leave a comment at Sasee Magazine, that would be lovely and also much appreciated!)


Tooting My Horn Tuesday Over at Fiction University

ImageSo I was going to share my latest good news when I heard from Janice Hardy at Fiction University. Ack! she said. Did I remember I was scheduled for a guest post on the 17th?

Why, no. No, I did not. But I am that rare combination of resourceful/lazy writer. And so if you read my guest post on Making a Buck With Your Writing While Waiting at the Dock, I’ll bet you can guess what markets recently paid off for me, thus saving me from having to write a whole ‘nother post.

And I hope you’ll also find some useful writing tips–though many of you already know the value of anthology markets and recycling your work. But for those of you who also tackle novels, you can’t beat Janice’s Fiction University. It’s a veritable treasure trove of novel-writing advice and how-to’s, from some of the most accomplished authors in the business.

Kinda makes me wonder how the likes of Cathy C. Hall ended up, guest posting there. (Ack!)

(And speaking of authors, you have one more day to get in on the giveaway of Nina Amir’s The Author Training Manual. Please check out the details at this post and comment there!)