A Book Rec for the New Year

until-i-breakOne of my favorite things about being a writer is my writer friends. Because I often get the chance to read some very fine writing before it makes its way out there in the world. Such was the case when I read Kara Bietz’ first page in the book which would become UNTIL I BREAK.

Sometimes, the words are so true, the story so strong, you just know. I wasn’t surprised when Kara’s manuscript sold not once but twice! (Is there anything more nerve-wracking than when a publisher goes out of business? Fortunately, Kara had another publisher just waiting to get their hands on her book.)It’s an incredibly powerful debut on bullying (read my Goodreads review here) that should be required reading for high school students everywhere.

I was a little surprised to see my name on her acknowledgement page because honestly, there was nothing I added to these pages. Maybe I’m just a good listener? Anyway, Kara’s moved all the way to Texas now and has other good listeners, I’m sure. And I haven’t had the opportunity to read her current work-in-progress. But I can promise you this: the minute it makes its way out into the world, I will grab it up!

How about you? Have a writer friend that you’d like to recommend? It’s a new year and I’m itching to start that To Be Read pile! (Seriously. You should start with UNTIL I BREAK.)