A Book Rec for the New Year

until-i-breakOne of my favorite things about being a writer is my writer friends. Because I often get the chance to read some very fine writing before it makes its way out there in the world. Such was the case when I read Kara Bietz’ first page in the book which would become UNTIL I BREAK.

Sometimes, the words are so true, the story so strong, you just know. I wasn’t surprised when Kara’s manuscript sold not once but twice! (Is there anything more nerve-wracking than when a publisher goes out of business? Fortunately, Kara had another publisher just waiting to get their hands on her book.)It’s an incredibly powerful debut on bullying (read my Goodreads review here) that should be required reading for high school students everywhere.

I was a little surprised to see my name on her acknowledgement page because honestly, there was nothing I added to these pages. Maybe I’m just a good listener? Anyway, Kara’s moved all the way to Texas now and has other good listeners, I’m sure. And I haven’t had the opportunity to read her current work-in-progress. But I can promise you this: the minute it makes its way out into the world, I will grab it up!

How about you? Have a writer friend that you’d like to recommend? It’s a new year and I’m itching to start that To Be Read pile! (Seriously. You should start with UNTIL I BREAK.)

18 thoughts on “A Book Rec for the New Year

  1. Hey Cathy – I’ve yet to read this, but you know I’m going to. I remember right after Kara joined the Inklets we were treated to the first chapter or so. She’s a talented lady, for sure. As to authors I love personally and whose work I enjoy reading—well, I have to plug the work of Terry Lynn Thomas, who writes a gothic mystery series set in WWII about a psychic medium who falls in love with a spy. 🙂 Big congratulations to the very talented Kara Bietz!

    • Cathy–I have so many writer friends who are in the process of writing a masterpiece. Kim of ratiooffailures.blogspot.com. She’s working on a chilling novel. Linda O’Connell is working on her memoir. Lynn Obermoeller is working on her memoir AND an incredible picture book. Pat Wahler is working on a historical novel. Donna Volkenannt is working on a gripping novel. I could go on and on, but like you, I love to see a friend’s work blossom and grow…

  2. You can imagine my squeal of excitement when I found “Until I Break” in the Barnes and Noble in Mankato, Minnesota. Minnesota!!! Kara’s book!!! I was so proud of Kara and so happy for her, and I couldn’t wait to read it. I wanted to announce to the cashier that I know Kara personally. 🙂 Then I squealed again when I saw your name on the dedication page. You’ve got to know by now what a tremendous influence you have on so many writers out there. I’m honored to call both you and Kara my friends.

    • Mankato? Really? I hope you let Kara know–she’d be thrilled, Deb! Yep, I’m like a lucky charm–join my critique group and get your book published! Hmmm…I wonder if a lucky charm works on the charmer? 🙂

  3. that’s very special, Cathy! Do you have a site that you recommend for bloggers or sites that help folks wanting to write, or wanting help organizing their thoughts to write?

    • Oh, Melissa, there’s so much out there for writers! But let me think…for bloggers in particular, I’m not so sure. I highly recommend Stephen King’s book, ON WRITING, and Anne Lamott’s book, BIRD BY BIRD. They’re both excellent books for those just starting their writing journey…and great refreshers for those of us who’ve been at it a while! (And P.S. When it comes to blogging, sometimes it’s just about jumping in, writing–and learning–as you go. I think you’d be great at it!)

  4. When I moved in with my daughter I had to give up most of my library for lack of room. Therefore I have been re-reading my favorites before I give them away. My favorites go back to the 70’s and 80’s but due to my memory of today I sometimes feel as if I’m ready a book for the first time. I am due for a trip to Barnes n Noble and will definitely get to know a “new’ author—Kara Bietz. Thanks Cathy for keeping me in the literary know.
    Aunt Kay

    • Oh, thanks for stopping by, Aunt Kay! I know what you mean about books–I have crammed-full bookcases in every room in the house and still, I buy more books! What I’ll do when I move, I do not know. (Hope you like Kara’s book–it’s pretty intense, but oh so good!)

  5. Cathy, having worked for years with troubled youth, this book sounds like a much-needed gem. And by the way, I’m not surprised to hear about your name being on the acknowledgements page. You’ve given lots of good advice to people you’ve never even met!

    I feel fortunate to know many talented writers whose works are both admirable and motivating. Everyone in my writing group, my co-author for the picture book coming out (I think!) in the fall, and writers like you, Cathy, who inspire me online.

  6. How did I miss this? You were a lot more than just a good listener, Cathy! As I mentioned in my acknowledgments, I firmly believe that the universe places people in your path for a reason. I do believe that Madame Universe knew exactly what she was up to when she plopped the two of us together at a Southern Breeze conference way back when. I miss you terribly, though I know you’re never more than a click away :). Thank you for your listening ears, your kind heart, your honest advice, your gentle guidance and your excellent taste in books ;). Miss you. ❤ (and thanks for the signal boost, too!)

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