Why Can’t We All Be Like That Wise Old Owl? (Publicizing Your Blog)

ImageYou know how you think you’re so smart and you’re just humming along, la-ti-da, you’ve got it all under control, and then BAM. Turns out you’re doing something totally stupid. Or maybe that’s just me.

The point is, when I switched my blogs up OVER A YEAR AGO, I thought I was publicizing my spiffy new WordPress site. I thought my blog posts were automatically going out to Facebook and Twitter and heck, infinity and beyond.

I was not–and they were not. Apparently, you have to activate the “Publicize” button on the WordPress dashboard to achieve that little feat. So word to the wise, click on that activate button.

I don’t think Blogger has a Publicize button you activate. But I used Networked Blogs, back when I had three blogs, and it automatically sent them out to Facebook, and it will post to Twitter as well. In fact, now that I’ve wised up, I think I deactivated my old blogs on Networked Blogs…and never activated the new one.

But it’s all good now. My blog posts here are going out again, and I did a test run with Cathy-on-a-Stick to check on my Networked Blogs status. So wherever you turn, there I am.

Now whooooooo’s the smartypants?

Commenting on (Blog) Commenting

I just read a comment on my friend Debra’s blog about her trouble getting a comment to post on my blog.

Well, dang. (To put it politely. But you know I’m not thinking politely right now.)

It’s not about me, though. Really. It’s just that I have this swell book giveaway (The Smiley Book of Colors) and I’d hate to think that people aren’t able to comment to get signed up for said swell book giveaway. So if you’ve tried to comment, and can’t, please shoot me an email (cathyhall55 at hotmail dot com) and I’ll add your name to the pot (otherwise known as Random.org). I won’t draw a name until Monday, April 3, just to give y’all time. And then I’ll send up a little wish to the Powers-That-Be in WordPress Land that this commenting snafu will be fixed.

And while I’m commenting on commenting, I’d like to speak my piece about commenting on certain Blogger blogs. Not pointing fingers here. Cathy-on-a-Stick is still over at Blogger. Some of my favorite blogs are at Blogger. And that’s why I feel the need to speak up.

I’ve noticed that an alarming number of folks have enabled that captcha wherein I have to try to figure out TWO words, all crammed together, and type them in so that my comment will post. Sometimes, I have to type them in multiple times before I get them right. And that’s only if I sign in using my Blogger account. I just cannot sign in using my wordpress account and get those words to work.

And so what happens is, I move on. I just don’t have time to type in two words, over and over and over again. Besides, I don’t like commenting under my old Blogger account. Yes, I comment to support the blogger and/or sign up for a giveaway. But when I comment, I’m also putting my name out there so that other commenters might check out my blog. If I can’t comment under my wordpress account, then that defeats that purpose, right?

So all you Blogger folks who have blogs I love, show your commenters some love and get rid of that captcha. Use comment moderation if you’re worried about spam. But those words that bleed together and don’t make any sense? They’re just dang annoying. (To put it politely.)