Why Can’t We All Be Like That Wise Old Owl? (Publicizing Your Blog)

ImageYou know how you think you’re so smart and you’re just humming along, la-ti-da, you’ve got it all under control, and then BAM. Turns out you’re doing something totally stupid. Or maybe that’s just me.

The point is, when I switched my blogs up OVER A YEAR AGO, I thought I was publicizing my spiffy new WordPress site. I thought my blog posts were automatically going out to Facebook and Twitter and heck, infinity and beyond.

I was not–and they were not. Apparently, you have to activate the “Publicize” button on the WordPress dashboard to achieve that little feat. So word to the wise, click on that activate button.

I don’t think Blogger has a Publicize button you activate. But I used Networked Blogs, back when I had three blogs, and it automatically sent them out to Facebook, and it will post to Twitter as well. In fact, now that I’ve wised up, I think I deactivated my old blogs on Networked Blogs…and never activated the new one.

But it’s all good now. My blog posts here are going out again, and I did a test run with Cathy-on-a-Stick to check on my Networked Blogs status. So wherever you turn, there I am.

Now whooooooo’s the smartypants?

14 thoughts on “Why Can’t We All Be Like That Wise Old Owl? (Publicizing Your Blog)

  1. That’s one scary lookin’ owl…I’m not sure I want to be too much like him. 🙂 But as always, thanks for the great tips. I love learning from your mistakes. heh heh…

    • Oh, you do all right, Sioux. (But you could always ask one of those wild women you hang out with to hook you up with FB–then the whole world would know what was going on with you! On second thought…:-) )

    • You’re on WordPress, right, Katie? Look on the right side column, where you’d hit the “Publish” or “Update” button when you go to post. Right above that should be something about Publicize Your Post. I think it’ll work (tying in to your mom’s FB). Or do you have a FB page for Katherine’s Mission?

      Good luck!

  2. Oy. You’re the Yoda. If you didn’t hit the activate button there’s just no hope for the rest of us. I’m still on Blogger but they keep changing stuff, so you never know. Anyway, glad you got it all figured out!

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