Getting Personal on the Web

Yesterday was my birthday (and coincidentally, Cathy-on-a-Stick’s birthday) and since life never goes exactly the way we plan it, I happened to spend most of the day on the road, returning from a weekend taking care of a family member (Okay, it was Mom. She slipped while trying to pick up a dead roach from the bathroom floor. I believe the¬†lesson¬†she learned was, “Let sleeping/dead roaches lie.” Not to worry, though. She’s okay.) Anyway, I got home just in time to meet all the Junior Halls for a nice birthday dinner. So it was late last night by the time I read all the birthday greetings on Facebook.

Goodness, that was a lovely way to end the day! Even a simple “Happy Birthday” said someone took the time to wish me joy. It’s moments like that when I truly appreciate the wonder of Facebook.

And it was a little ironic, considering my post on The Muffin today where I discussed getting personal on social media. The thing is, there’s getting personal in a lovely, appropriate way and getting personal in a not-so-lovely and inappropriate way. And I’m afraid that, at least with folks who use social media to build a platform, to help grow an audience, that there are times when getting too personal can have a deleterious effect.

So I suppose I shared a little advice about sharing personal opinions on social media (or anywhere, really, on the wide world of the web). And now I’m thinking of that quote about giving advice: Fools won’t heed it, and wise men don’t need it.

But I’ll always need a little joy, birthday or any old day. (BIG thank you to all y’all for that!)