Friday’s Fun Find: Dance Off! And Write Off!

Not sure how I missed this when it first came out because a. I love a good dance off (and put one in my middle grade novel) and b. it’s a couple tap-dancing/Irish dancing priests (who are not in my novel, but still fun).

There’s nothing like a good battle to motivate you for the coming Baker’s Dozen Agent Auction over at Miss Snark’s. Adult fiction, New Adult fiction, Young Adult fiction, Middle Grade fiction…they all have a chance to win an agent in this Write Off. So get those fingers crackin’–and maybe you’ll be happy dancin’ in a couple weeks!

Friday’s Fun Find: A Fishy Tale (It’s the March Madness Writing Contest!)

Come on, now. You knew I was going to write a fractured fairy tale for Susanna Leonard Hill’s contest, right?

And as I sat, staring at my blog, a fish fairy tale came to me. (You probably saw that coming, too.) But as I wrote, another fairy tale came to me, and then another, and …well, you’ll just have to read for yourself:


A Fishy Tale


One spring day, a fish was swimming in its stream. He heard footsteps on the bridge above.

 Knick-knack, knick-knack went the steps.

 “Hey!” the fish roared in a bubbly squeak. “Who’s that knick-knacking across my bridge?”

 A little girl peered over the bridge. “It is I, Little Red Riding Hood. I’m taking goodies to Granny’s house.”

 “Give me your goodies or I shall eat you up,” said the fish.

 “Hmph,” said the girl. “You are a fish. But since you are hungry, I will give you a few crumbs.”

 She tossed a few crumbs and then crossed the bridge, turning right at the fork in the road.

 Soon, the fish heard soft padding across the bridge.

 “Who’s that softly padding across my bridge?” squeaked-roared the fish.

 “It is I, the Big Bad Wolf,” said a very scary-looking wolf. “And I am going to eat you up!”

 “Wait,” cried the fish. “There is a much tastier morsel than I. If you take the left fork in the road, you shall find a sweet, little girl.”

The fish was pleased that he had directed the wolf in the wrong direction. Alas, he had sent the wolf down the shortcut to Granny’s. But that’s a story for another day.

Soon, three little pigs skipped over the bridge.

 “Who’s that skip-skipping over my bridge?” squeaked the fish. (It was a busy bridge, and his roar was quite given out.)

 The third little pig, known as the brains of the bunch, baited a hook. “It’s the Three Little Pigs,” said the third pig. He tugged at the line and up came the fish.  “And we will have a fine dinner today.”

 “Wait,” said the fish. “I will grant you a wish if you let me go.”

 “Whee!” said the first piggy.

 “We want roast beef for supper,” said the second piggy.

 “Done,” said the fish. “Turn left at the fork. You’ll find lots of nice, red meat.”

 The two piggies released the fish.

 “Oh, for crying out loud,” said the third pig, who much preferred fish to meat. He stormed off the bridge, tripping over a stack of bricks. “Hmmm,” he said. “These bricks will come in handy.”

 The pig worked all day, laying bricks at the fork in the road. When he was done, he had a swell seafood restaurant and two little piggy waiters.

Plus all the business he could possibly handle.

 Bet you didn’t see that coming, right?

 (I hope you have a chance to read more of the fractured fairy tales this fine weekend. And P.S. It’s not too late to write your own!)



Friday’s Fun Find: March Madness Contest!

I’m feeling just a tad crazy this Friday, (two words: puppy + training) so Susanna Leonard Hill’s March Madness Contest is the perfect fit for this Friday’s Fun Find.

And all you have to do is write a crazy, fractured fairy tale, no longer than 400 words, on a springtime theme (or not, completely up to you). And the prizes? Oh, my White Rabbit! 

A critique by an agent, critiques by esteemed authors, Amazon gift cards, signed picture books…well, it’s insane all the prizes Susanna’s piled up. So write your fractured fairy tale and post it on your blog between March 20th and March 24th.

I mean, you’d be crazy to pass up this deal. And if you’ve also been trying to house train a puppy who takes his business very literally, then you might need a break. 



A Halloweensie Story (With Apologies to Mr. Poe)

I may be too old for trick-or-treating, but that doesn’t mean a girl can’t have a little boo-rific fun. And as I’m pretty fond of Edgar Allan Poe and poetry and Susanna Leonard Hill’s writing contests, it all came together. In a hundred words or less.




The (Scaredy) Cat


Once upon a midnight spooky, while I roamed in my Suzuki,

Looking for my black cat, lost among the trees.

I thought I heard a mewing, or was it more like booing?

A booing ever softly, whistling through the breeze.

“H-hello?” I asked the dark, the shadows in the park.

When suddenly a cackle sounded in my ear.



And then I caught a peek, of something black—it streaked!

Across the grass, and sprang onto the floor!

I nearly jumped out of my skin, as it settled down right in—

my lap. Sweet dreams, kitty.  But for me, nevermore!


There’s still time for you to jump in and join the Halloween fun! As for me, I think I deserve a Butterfinger. Or six.


Friday’s Fun Find: Boo, Y’all!

contest and pumpkin 001As if October isn’t fun enough with my birthday, there’s also great big gobs of spooky, creepy, gory stuff with Halloween!

So while The Beneficent Mr. Hall is kicking me out gifting me with a lovely writer’s retreat up in the Blue Ridge Mountains (OOOOoooooOOOoooo), I might find time for a little Halloween fun. You can join me, in spirit at least.

Susanna Leonard Hill’s sponsoring her Third Annual Halloweensie Contest! All you have to do is come up with a 100-word Halloween story appropriate for children and then post it to your blog between October 28th and October 31st for judging.  And if you need a little inspiration, you might want to read something wicked this way comes.

Check out the blurbs from Simon and Schuster’s latest Best Halloween Books for Adults. Or maybe just check out the trailers. ‘Cause seriously, this is some scary reading, y’all.