Hey Writers! Now It’s My Turn to Help YOU!

ImageThe minute I came across this contest from the Tallgrass Literary Review, I thought of you.

Now, wait. Just wait a minute before you decide this contest is not for you.

There’s no entry fee. None at all. So you don’t have to think about whether the story you have is worth the bucks to submit it. You have nothing to lose.

But maybe you skimmed the contest guidelines and saw:  The Tallgrass Literary Review gives preference to manuscripts about life in Oklahoma and the Great Plains, and the magazine favors themes relevant to the Great Plains such as rural life, family life, immigration, nature, and Christianity. And you think that because you don’t live in the Great Plains area, you shouldn’t bother sending in your story. But you should know that the editors also said this: However, the judges will consider every submission regardless of genre, theme, or setting. Moreover, authors do not have to be residents of Oklahoma. Writers from every state and country are welcome to submit manuscripts. And if you read the guidelines, you saw this: More than any other factors, the magazine judges works based on their quality and originality.

You can write quality. You can write with originality. Even though it makes you nervous, considering that it’s a literary magazine. You’re afraid your writing is not literary enough. But you have been at it for a while, writer, and you have a learned a thing or two. Challenge yourself. Give your writing a chance and send it to the Tallgrass Literary Review by September 30th.

Your story can’t soar to the top of the winners’ list–unless you give it wings!

Contest Time!

ImageHere’s the thing. When I’m rushing to catch up, I zip through the inbox and social media, clicking and dumping anything interesting into my favorites. The plan is to look at it later.

You know. When I have time.

Yeah, that doesn’t really happen. But the interesting things at the top of the pile get a look, and so we have a few contests today:

The Green River Writers 2013 Contest has a couple features I like. It’s pretty inexpensive and has lots of categories. So if you pen poetry or prose, you have till August 31st to get your entry in.

The Quirk Books “Looking for Love” Fiction Contest is open now, and the grand prize is $10,000 and publication from Quirk Books. I like that there’s no entry fee (and any publisher with “quirk” in the title is automatically awesome), but having to mail the manuscript, not so much. Anyway, if you have a quirky 50,000 word love story that you don’t mind paying a couple bucks to mail, you have till October 1st to get it in.

And now, I’ve got to run. Time and inboxes wait for no woman.

You Like To Win Writing Contests, Right?

I do, too. But back in my newbie writer days, I didn’t win much. Okay, I didn’t win at all. In point of fact, I lost…money, time, and almost my confidence.

Here’s what I didn’t lose: common sense. I learned from my mistakes. And you can, too, if you check out my Muffin post today where I enumerated a couple of my more memorable mistakes (and the lessons I learned).

So zip over there and give yourself a better chance at winning writing contests. Because common sense is swell and all that, but winning is way better.