The Number One Writing Habit You Need

ImageI checked my Libra horoscope this morning and read, “There will be an opportunity to incorporate a good habit into your daily life, and there are rich rewards for doing so.”

Now, I’m not saying I believe in horoscopes, but I definitely had a Twilight Zone moment when I saw that little sentence today. Because over at The Muffin, in “I’m Just Saying: Finish Your Writing,” I talked about the habit that’s absolutely necessary if you want to be a successful writer.

To be honest, it’s a basic habit, ingrained into my personality, thanks to my mom and the many sayings she pounded into my child psyche. Seriously, she had a saying for everything. Like “I don’t care what your horoscope says, get up from there and do something constructive.”

So, um, yeah. I’m fixing to go reap some rich rewards from incorporating that writing habit into today’s schedule. (And I’d love to hear what you finished writing today!)