Finding a Contest for Writers, 4th thru 8th Grade!

Don’t you just LOVE serendipity? Here’s what happened:

I had said to myself last night, whilst pondering my Things To Do list for tomorrow, “Self, quit fooling around and post on Finders & Keepers!”  But here is what I wrote on my Things to Do Note for Monday: “F & K:   ?  ” And I had no idea what to write about when I woke up this morning.

Time passed, and the working day was nearly done. And STILL no post for F & K. But wait! I decided to zip through Facebook one last time before calling the workday quits. And there I found a post from my buddy Margo Dill who blogs over at “Read These Books and Use Them.” (A very fine blog with lots of wonderful reviews of children’s books for all ages.) She commented about a contest for 4th to 8th grade writers!

Oh, frabjous joy! So then I zipped over to Clara Gillow Clark’s blog to find out about her wonderful contest. In a nutshell, she’s giving away a copy of Spilling Ink, a Young Writer’s Handbook. But young authors can also win cash prizes and other autographed books by a slew of wonderful writers! The contest ends on May 1st, and you must write something based on the prompts provided.

Now, dash over to Clara’s wonderful blog post here to get ALL the details, and may the best 4th to 8th grade writer win!

(P.S. You do know that you don’t have to be a young writer to appreciate this writing handbook, right? Or to enjoy the website, for that matter. And you’ll want to drop in on Clara often, too.  Oh, how I LOVE serendipity!)