Finding Something Friday…"What is Free Rice, Vocabulary and Blurb It!?"

And the Finding Something Friday answer is…a cool website that will increase your vocabulary while decreasing world hunger, AND a fun contest at a website I’ve recently discovered.

Like my smiling rice face? She’s happy because I visit every chance I get. This website is simple and addictive, plus you’ll feel good about yourself for doing something positive to counter the world hunger problem.

Everytime you answer a vocabulary question correctly, you add 20 grains of rice to your pile. The longer you play, the more rice you earn. And if you’re a word lover like me, you’re bound to learn some new vocabulary in the process. Check it out here and see how much rice you can pile up (and how many vocabulary levels you can pile up, too!).

Then check out The Muse Marquee, a website I found from a fellow PG’er. I think the site was just named one of the Top Ten Most Useful sites by the Preditor and Editor folks for 2008 (and that’s a nice bit of Fame in the writing business). Go see why The Muse Marquee won that honor. And while you’re there, take a look at the current contest, BLURB IT! I’m all about writing fast and furious, so I know I’ll be coming up with some crazy blurb before the May 31st deadline.

Last question: “What scathingly witty writer achieved an awesome vocabulary level on the site (thus causing a certain beneficent someone to sulk and turn off the computer)?” Modesty prevents me from saying. But the answer may show up in a future blurb.

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