Finding Something Friday Goes to Abilene, More or Less

You know how I love the contests. And not just because I win contests. Though that’s smashing, isn’t it?

I love contests because I love finding homes for those pieces I’ve written that are wandering about in some file folder, dragging their feet. I love contests for whatever bit of Fame and Fortune I might grab. But when writer’s groups sponsor contests, I’m always interested. I love those contests because I love to support writers. I’m happy to send my entry fee because I know that some of that money will go to a worthy group of folks.

Oh, I know some people will say that your poem or story or whatever won’t really garner much attention, or hold much weight when you’re looking for an editor or publisher. That’s okay. ‘Cause that’s not why I enter those contests, anyway.

But I’m also a firm believer in making your own luck. And who’s to say that some wonderful editor or publisher may not be in that very same group wherein you submitted your entry and won? Who’s to say he or she will read your story or poem or whatever and say, “Wow! This is one talented writer whom I’d like to work with…and give a great big contract to her, too!” Hey, it could happen.

So, take a look at the Abilene Writers Guild Annual Contest for 2008. Check out the website here for all the details. You have till October 31st to send in your scathingly brilliant works and impress the judges. And who knows? Maybe you’ll impress an editor or publisher, to boot. (Sheesh. It took me forever to work “boot” into this Texas contest post.)

2 thoughts on “Finding Something Friday Goes to Abilene, More or Less

  1. Even if a story doesn’t garner much attention for an editor or publisher, I think we learn something from every piece submitted, improving, honing the craft. Just found your blog, enjoyed browsing!

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