Best Advice for Aspiring Writers

When I read the words, “What’s your best advice for aspiring writers?” from K. L. Going, I was all excited! Kelly’s an award-winning writer whose books have sold well. So, I expected a super-secret inside look to the world of publishing. A how-to primer for achieving Fame and Fortune!

What I got was a suggestion to live my life to the fullest. Um, really? That’s all it takes? Add adventure to my life, do something different and bold, live fully?

Girl, if my life got any more fuller, I’d need tranquilizers. So, you’re gonna have to give me more than that. Which reminds me of my latest rejection from Highlights.

I mean, yes, it was a rejection. But it was such a personal rejection. What I did wrong, what I did right, what I need to do in the future. And I didn’t wait a half year, either. I think I sent the game idea back in July, the same time I sent the craft idea that Highlights accepted. All in all, it was a very frutiful rejection.

See, Kelly? That’s the kind of advice I’m talking about, girl.

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