Finding Something Friday’s Frighteningly Good Deals

Boo, y’all! I’ve got some boo-rific treats lined up for you today. Seriously. It’s scary how good these deals are.

First, let me ask how many times you’ve wanted to enter a contest but didn’t think you had a ghost of a chance? Now, you do-0-0-0-00-o. Check out Wow!’s Fall Contest right now and start thinking up an idea. You have a whole month to write brilliantly on the prompt. So, get in the writing spirit and take a chance at Wow!

Next, take a peek over at Thomas Nelson Books. They’re looking for a few good book reviewers to blog about a few good books! Sign up now and you can take your pick of several books to review (I chose the really creepy, now-I-won’t-be-able-to-sleep book). All you have to do is promise to review the book (on your blog and and good old Thomas Nelson (or one of his minions) will send you the book of your choice! FREE! Well, okay, you’re making a deal, but it’s not like you’re trading your soul here. Unless you choose one of the political books. Then all deals are off.

And you might also win a book if you go trick-or-treating here at Fatal Foodies! Gayle Trent and friends are offering up tasty recipes, book giveaways, and other fun stuff on their blogs. So, leave a post and maybe you’ll win a cozy little mystery. Honestly, there are so many goodies, I can’t remember them all.

I’m lucky I remembered everything for my own post today. I’m the Headless Horse(wo)man …and I can’t find my head anywhere!

(And thanks to Splindier Hades over at for that pumpkin. Sure, I’ve seen scarier jack-o-lanterns. But, c’mon. That name is creepy!)

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