Tooting My Horn Tuesday Looks at Sasee and WHY Magazines

Why am I looking at those magazines? (Cathy C. Hall asked sassily) Okay, that was bad. But these magazines are very good. And not just because I happen to be published within their wonderful pages.

WorkHomeYou Magazine is a webzine, brimming with all sorts of neat articles for the work-at-homer. Coincidentally, I’m a work-at-homer, despite the occasional comments from the beneficent Mr. Hall to the contrary. Of course, not everyone who works at home is a writer. But most folks working at home are sitting in their office chairs, in front of a computer. That’s where my office chair article comes in. You can find the article in the Stuff Department, or you can read all about finding the right office chair here, but why not take a few minutes to peruse the whole magazine? The editor, Dina Santorelli, does a great job with this slick webzine.

I’m always grateful for a place to share my essays. So, Sasee Magazine made my day when my Anniversary Dreamin’ essay showed up in the November issue! Coincidentally, the theme for the month happened to be gratitude. Now, didn’t that all work out just swell? Sasee is a print magazine (also online) that’s distributed in Myrtle Beach. Love this mag, too! If you visit the online version, you can leave a comment. So, let’s say you read a wonderful essay about anniversaries, dreaming, and such. You could say something like, “Gee,(fill in the name of the writer here), what a wonderful story! Always love reading your humorous, heart-warming thoughts! Hope to see you in Sasee again!”

I think any writer would be grateful for that kind of comment. (And not just a writer like me who happens to be published in some wonderful magazines this month).

10 thoughts on “Tooting My Horn Tuesday Looks at Sasee and WHY Magazines

  1. Great article. I’m delighted your family had a wonderful time in Montreal. My family trip across the St. Lawrence did not turn out to be quite as nice. In fact, it was more like reaching into the depths of Hell.My daughter hated the city and said “there’s nothing to do here” My lovely spouse complained that she was “freezing.” Panhandlers approached us and said “you filthy American scum! Can you please help the downtrodden by handing over your hard earned Queen Elizabeths?” I couldn’t read the signs which were in french and I thought 120 KM meant I could drive 120 miles an hour, which explains why that police officer was so upset. Oh and just try to get an “iced tea” in Montreal! You want ice in your what?! We loved it and can’t wait to go back.

  2. I know what you mean. I can’t wait to go back myself. The beneficent Mr. Hall, on the other hand, not so much. (Though I left that part of the essay out) And thanks for reading it, BTW.

  3. Love your blog! But, I have a question. What is it that causes some posters that comment to want to be anonymous? I’ve found your family to be both accepting and open minded.

  4. I loved it and it especially made me laugh because I did have my honeymoon in Canada. Everything went wrong — rental car broke down; couldn’t take ferry to VT because of floods; couldn’t stay in the Montreal hotel(which had a million unbooked rooms when we arrived)any longer because a school group arrived just when we decided we loved it; World’s Fair Expo started a couple of days after we left — and it was the most wonderful, fun-filled trip ever. Really.Keep writing and making me laugh, you ray of sunshine, you.Anita

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