Finding Something Friday: A Hardboiled Cozy

Look what I found in my mailbox today!

I won Dana Fredsti’s book, Murder for Hire: The Peruvian Pigeon, when I went on a blog Trick or Treat with the Fatal Foodies. Now, don’t say you don’t know what I’m talking about. I told you all about the bloggy giveaway and how you could win great prizes, including interesting books like Dana’s hardboiled cozy.

I’m not exactly sure how a cozy can be hardboiled, but I read that description for her book, which just makes me want to read it even more. So, it’s on my bedside table (Well, not right this minute. Right now, it’s on my desk so I can be inspired while writing about said book). But it will be on my bedside table, joining my stack of to-read books. Then, it will be back on my desk when I write about it later and fill you in on what, exactly, a hardboiled cozy is.

Till then, I guess it’s just one big mystery.

3 thoughts on “Finding Something Friday: A Hardboiled Cozy

  1. Sweet! I’m so glad it arrived safely and is now awaiting your attention. Maybe it’s more of a soft-boiled cozy…heh. I will let YOU be the judge! Right now I’m the middle of trying to figure out various romance sub-genres… I’m inventing one called COzy Catastrophe for post apocalyptic romance.

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