Finding Something Friday = Laughs For You

Just a quick find in my inbox today from New Christian Voices

You remember NCV, right? It’s a Christian humor site where I contribute when I’m feeling funny-ish. Lots of funny, regular columnists, lots of freelance contributors like me, lots of good, clean laughs. You can’t beat that. Unless you add a good, clean, funny contest.

It’s called the Twelve Laughs of Christmas, and it’s going on right now. All you have to do is click here, read the rules, and then come up with a great caption for that funny picture. I think the winner is chosen randomly, but you know, it’d be great if you came up with something funny.

I’d come up with something funny myself, but I’m not allowed to enter. Neither are all those other columnists and contributors. But wouldn’t you like the chance to show NCV you’re just as funny as all of us? And win great prizes, too?

I thought so. Well, c’mon then. It’ll be the Eleven Days of Christmas Laughs before you know it.

4 thoughts on “Finding Something Friday = Laughs For You

  1. So, you’d think I’d be good at captions. I went to the site, saw the day’s cartoon. My head started hurting and I fell to the floor. Hey, that’s it! That will be my quote! “My head hurt and I fell to the floor.” Eventually it may fit a cartoon they post!

  2. All the Christian humor I know always begins with,”A priest, a minister and a rabbi…..” Why does it always have to be a priest, a minister and a rabbi?Why can’t it be “A lama, an imam and buddah?

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