Why Premium Green is a Good Idea

A few weeks ago, I renewed my membership to Premium Green, the freelance markets guide that’s available from Wow! Women on Writing. I rely on PG for inside scoops on markets, and I’ve snagged more than enough writing gigs to pay for my membership many times over.

That’s not the top reason I renewed membership. What I really rely on is the support and expertise shared by the members on a daily basis. Writing’s a business that requires a tough skin, and I’m glad I’ve got a bunch of writer friends at PG who pick me up when those tough moments come along.

But what I really, really rely on is the expertise of so many talented writing professionals. Because if Annette Fix (she’s the author of The Break-up Diet and senior editor at WOW!) hadn’t noticed that I’d written screen saver instead of screen shot on that last post, I’d have looked like an idiot for…well, probably forever. In fact, Annette’s the PG’er who passed along the idea of making screen shots of your clips.

So, thanks to Annette for catching that. Too bad she can’t fix all those other idiot things I do.

2 thoughts on “Why Premium Green is a Good Idea

  1. I just read your article “Organize Your Writing Life” in the ICL Children’s E-News and then did what I always do, check to see if the author has a website. Are you sitting down? Get this: I, too, met my husband at the radio station where I worked and then quit, graduated from ICL, and have been published in ENCOUNTER. So I thought I’d reach out since we seem to share a few commonalities. By the way, read your story “Chocolate Cake Bait.” Loved it! Best wishes…

  2. Wow, Melissa! That’s a little Twilight Theme, huh? Thanks for the good wishes, and I expect I’ll be reading YOUR article in the ICL Newsletter next week! (Do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do)

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