Finding Something Friday Shares Some Writer Mama Love

Writer Mama, How to Raise a Writing Career Alongside Your Kids

I’ve never met Christina Katz, the author of Writer Mama. But I think I love her. I know I love her books. And when you win her book, you’ll love her, too.

I recently won a copy of Writer Mama and Get Known Before the Book Deal. These are must-reads if you’re starting out in the business of writing. Or even if you’ve been in the business awhile but missed a few lessons. Because believe me, Christina doesn’t miss a thing.

So when I won another copy of Writer Mama (I know; it’s crazy. I’ve got some secret winning Writer Mama mojo.) I knew exactly what I wanted to do: share the love. And in honor of Valentine’s Day, I’m giving away this autographed copy of Writer Mama. And no, it’s not autographed to me. Christina very kindly left my name off this time.

Want to win? Just tell me what you love about writing. What makes you warm and fuzzy all over, or gives you a tingle when you mingle all those juicy words together? Er, we should probably move on or take a cold shower…

Got a favorite blog? Website? Book? Post a comment between now and Finding Something Friday on February 20th. Tell me about your writing love, and if I draw your name, I’ll send you a lovely, new copy of Writer Mama. As long as you live in the States. Heck, I’ll even send Writer Mama to New York City.

Now, that’s love!

11 thoughts on “Finding Something Friday Shares Some Writer Mama Love

  1. Hi Cathy. Wow, winning the same book-twice, is that a record?You posed the question, ‘why do you write?’ My reasons, like so many other writers are various, and if left alone, become stalker-like. For instance, if I neglect my writing, dreams of stories, not A story, but writing a story nag and pervade my nights. When I write, along with the depths of despair, come a shimmer of oneness. It sounds so yoga-ish, but, it’s true. I feel so fulfilled when I read something I have written and it still gives me the ability to stop and think and sigh. This is the reason I write: to connect, to find common ground.There are times I feel I don’t have the stuff it takes to stick this thing out; the idea to give up is always there. Maybe, this book will act as a sword in my battle against giving up on my writing dream.Thanks for the chance and all of the fabulous advice on PG!Good luck to you-always.~Sofi

  2. Hi Cathy, You really must have book-winning mojo!For me, writing has come late in life. I’ve always loved to write, but didn’t take it seriously until last year. One of my greatest joys has been when someone comes up to me, or e-mails me, and says that they, or someone they care about, has been helped by what I’ve written. For me, it doesn’t get any better than that! Thanks for sharing the mojo book “love” with the rest of us!Ruth

  3. What I love about writing is that feeling I get when a story I've been hitting a brick wall on suddenly starts to come together & it really flows. Sadly, I don't have that feeling often enough 😉

  4. Ruth,You’re like a writing superhero…reaching out with your story to lift others up! Thanks for sharing and good luck with your book (and good luck with this book!).Hi Krysten!I know what you mean. Makes it all worth it when it works, though,huh?Thanks for sharing and good luck getting those stories out there (and good luck, here, too)!

  5. Cathy, I came across your blog on WOW! and really appreciate everything you share.Why do I write? The stories swirling around in my head finally outgrew the Holiday Greeting Card (my only publishing credits I had prior to the past year or two I have spent developing and channeling the art!)I look forward to learning and growing and am grateful to have access to blogging mentors like you to help guide the path…

  6. Writing makes me laugh, love, and live. It gives me a sense of purpose and the confidence that I am leaving a legacy.I’ve always loved reading and have even written bits and pieces in the past but could not really focus until I turned forty. It is said, “life begins at forty,” so did my writing. I can hardly wait for the adventures to unfold.

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