Spring Mingle Right Around the February Corner!

A  little children’s writing fairy landed on my shoulder this week and whispered, “Hey, YOU! Remember that New Year’s goal about attending a children’s writing conference? Shouldn’t you be looking into that? Now? ”

So, off I flew to the shaw guides site where all things conference related are listed. And lo! There was news about SpringMingle, the SCBWI conference sponsored by Southern Breeze, which just happens to be the SCBWI chapter in my little corner of the world.

So, off I clicked to find out more and whoa! The conference is this month! The last weekend in February, to be exact! And it’s in Atlanta, which just happens to be very, very close to my little corner of the world!

So, I printed that form and filled it out. A bit of a bummer, though, if you wanted to send a manuscript for evaluation-that date has  passed. But you can still send a First Page of your manuscript.

Sounds like a plan to me. If you’re in my little corner of the world, check out all the details for Southern Breeze here. And hey! Say hey if you see me at SpringMingle!

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