Finding Something Friday Finds a Winner!

Congratulations to Irishoma! She won the autographed copy of Writer Mama by Christina Katz in my Sharing the Love Giveaway. So shoot me an email and send your address and I’ll send your fantabulous book right away.

Thanks to all the writers who shared their thoughts and maybe you’ll win the next time I give away a book. I’ve developed an incredibly high-tech method I employ when picking winners. I call it the “Beneficent Mr. Hall Picks a Winner Out of the Colander” method. It’s not copyrighted or anything, so feel free to use it if you ever have a giveaway contest. Here’s a picture, just so you can get the complete nuances of the whole system.

Notice the intricate slots of the plastic colander. I suppose you could use a steel colander, but I really prefer plastic for its lightness. Notice, too, that the slips of paper (torn, not cut) have been folded and placed carefully in the bowl of the colander. As far as the beneficent Mr. Hall goes, I guess you could substitute with a person of your own as long as he/she was truly beneficent. However, Mr. Hall has a certain je ne sais quoi that’s hard to duplicate with your ordinary beneficent person. I mean, when he picks a winner, that person really feels like she (or he) has won something!

And you know, I feel like I’ve won something myself during the Giveaway. I took the opportunity to read some new writers’ blogs and thoroughly enjoyed myself. I’ve shared Donna’s Book Pub with you; she always has some contests or markets. But you can also read what Krysten’s been up to over at Brunch at Tiffany’s. And Jules tells some awfully funny stories over at Weekly Jules. GaWebSpinner is building a blog filled with her haiku, free verse, and other poetry forms I’ve never tried (and honestly, I’m not sure how to pronounce them. But I’m intrigued, as Tim Gunn would say).

So, I found a few laughs, some inspiring writing tips, and a method for picking prize winners. Makes me want to give away another book right now. (But maybe I should finish reading it first!)

3 thoughts on “Finding Something Friday Finds a Winner!

  1. Hi Cathy,I’m so excited to be a winner. Please convey my thanks to the beneficent Mr. Hall and your lovely plastic colander. Hey, I love plastic. I use it almost everyday somewhere or another while shopping, eating out, or buying gas.And thanks for plugging my Donna’s Book Pub blog. I will be sure and check out the others you’ve mentioned and share the wealth by plugging your blog whenever I can.Have a great weekend!Donna (aka Irishoma)

  2. 1. Glad to see you had an impartial hand select the winner.2. Glad “Thing” from the Adams Family television series finally got a sleeve.3. Adult version of Officer Don’s Ooey Gooey game on the Popeye Club.

  3. Donna, your book is in the mail (well, it’s in the car, ready to go to the Post Office, so really, that’s practically in the mail)!Oh, and Bill, I like to think of my blog as an equal opportunity employer: I hire people, aliens, hands, and even the occasional toe. Join me next month when Mr. Hammer Toe selects the next winner!

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