WOW!Children’s Writing at WOW!

The February issue at WOW!Women-on-writing is all about Children’s writing! This month, WOW! talks to a bunch of children’s writers (wonder if there’s a name for a bunch of writers? I mean, witches,whales, and warships have group names. Shouldn’t writers?) who happily share their writing wisdom.

I love hearing tales from the writing trenches, and how-to tips, too. And I  love asking writers questions and sharing their answers. So, I was thrilled that WOW! used my interview with Eve Heidi Bine-Stock! You can find out what Eve had to say in “Twenty Questions with Eve Heidi Bine-Stock.”

Eve has written three books on how to write children’s picture books, and I  read and enjoyed each book. She uses lots of diagrams (very visual!) and examples from children’s books (very literary!) to explain all those techniques that look so easy (but are so, so hard!).

Check out my article for some great how-to tips, courtesy of Eve. But don’t stop there! Read the entire issue and soak up all that writerly wisdom from the wrabble (I’m coining that term for a group of writers. What d’you think?).

3 thoughts on “WOW!Children’s Writing at WOW!

  1. I think I know a few writer ferrets. Or were they writer weasels? Wreasels? 🙂

    Yeah, I’m gonna go with wrabble. Thanks for stopping by!

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