Finding a Way to Save the World

dscn18012Buy five books, save the world.

Okay, it’s hyperbole. But I’m a big fan of hyperbole. Also books. And of course, saving the world. So when I came across the Better World Books website, I kinda hit the jackpot!

Here’s how these fine folks work: you buy books through their site, and they use the funds to support global literacy programs. Not just any kind of books, either. Used books. I really like the idea of recycling books.

I like the prices, too. Right now, they’re having a Bargain Blowout where you can buy five books for $15.00. Oh, and there’s no shipping fees! And with the money this business makes, kids are learning to read, all over the world.  And who knows where knowledge will lead?

See what I mean? Buy five books and save the world. Beautiful.

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