Finding Something Friday on Book in a Nutshell Contest and Winning Poetry!

Okay, here’s your chance. You have this fantabulous book and think it really has the possibilty to shoot to the top of the best-seller lists. But there’s an eensy-weensy problem. It’s not published. Why, you don’t even have a contract. Or an agent, for that matter.

Are you nuts? Nah. Every writer thinks like that. You gotta believe in yourself, right? So enter the Book in a Nutshell Contest. Write 150 words about your fantabulous book and if the folks over at Knight Agency like what they see, you could get representation. Maybe even a publisher! The best seller list is right around the corner, baby! But you’ve got to write up that 150 word summary fast, because the deadline’s April 20th. That’s it, in a, er, nutshell.

And since April is Poetry month, I thought I’d fill you in on an opportunity to write poetry and win some money for your fantabulous verse. Lulu, the same folks in the book business, have just launched Lulu.Poetry, where like-minded poetic souls can gather to share their poems, get feedback, references, and even win some cash in the daily, weekly or monthly contests!

You’d be nuts not to check out this opportunity. Even the squirrel thinks so.

6 thoughts on “Finding Something Friday on Book in a Nutshell Contest and Winning Poetry!

  1. Okay, Cath — you have the basis of your next “How To” article based on Anonymous’ comment: How to Have a Book Published When You Have Only Written Your First Page!

  2. As always, MY, you deliver the good stuff. My mannie is written but needs to be re-written (I tell when I need to show…shocking, right?) No reason I can’t put that at the top of my to-do right after I subit the 150 word blurb. Thanks for the info!Lisa

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