Finding Something Friday on Nanoism Contest

Oh, I found the perfect contest for a short and sweet post. ‘Cause I’m not gonna lie. I’m tired. If you can remember that scene in Blazing Saddles when Madeline Kahn sings about being tired, then you know exactly how I feel right now. If you can’t remember MK and her sultry song, well, I’m too tired to go into that.

I will go into the Nanoism Nanofiction Contest. If you can write nanofiction, a short, short, teeny, tiny bit of a story, then this is the contest for you. All you need is 140 scathingly brilliant characters. Not words. Not letters. Characters. That means spaces are included. If you Twitter, you’re already writing nanofiction, sorta.

Heck. You don’t even have to be a writer to pull this off. In fact, I don’t know too many writers who can (how to put this nicely?) “zip it” at 140 characters. But hey. I could be wrong.

So, prove me wrong. The First Prize is twenty bucks…that’s like a buck a word. See what I mean about short and sweet on Finding Something Friday?

I'm Always Fishing for Compliments. Wait! Comments! I meant Comments!

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