Tooting My Horn Tuesday on WINNERS! The Enchanted Conversation and The Giveaway

Oh, how I love the smell of victory in the morning!

So, come celebrate with me over at The Enchanted Conversation, a new blogazine (what will they think of next?) that debuted on January 1st! I love the genre of this blogazine (Fairy Tales! Woohoo!) and I love that the editor, Kate Wolford, worked hard to get her new venture out despite the difficulties of a business start-up AND is paying her contributors (Double WooHoo!)! All that combines to make The Enchanted Conversation a winner. And maybe you’ll be a winner if you enter one of the contests going on over there right now.

Then you can read my poem “The Problem with Fairy Tales.” Or read my poem, then enter the contest. Yeah, that’s the ticket. And if you write a scathingly brilliant comment about my poem (or anything else, for that matter), you might win 25 bucks! C’mon, how easy is that? I’d love to see one of the Hall of Fame regulars win! Heck, I’d like to see me win. So, it’s on, people. May the best comment-er win!

Speaking of best comment-ers, I had plenty of readers’ comments on the Hall of Fame in December. I really wish I could have pulled everyone’s lovely name out of Santa’s Hat for the First Holiday Hall of Fame Giveaway (Have you noticed I’ve called this contest something different every time???)

The point is, Juniorest Hall, who is by far the most honest of the clan, drew GAIL’S name out of the hat! So, Woohoo for Gail, the winner of lots of wonderful writing whatnot! Gail, send me your address and your package will arrive soon.

Isn’t that a lovely way to start the New Year? And now, I think I smell something else…I’m gonna call it Sally the crazy dog (and go take a shower).

10 thoughts on “Tooting My Horn Tuesday on WINNERS! The Enchanted Conversation and The Giveaway

  1. Thanks for the New Year wishes, Shelli and Donna! All I want for 2010 is for it to warm up!!!Well, okay, I want other stuff, too. But for THIS week of 2010, I want temps higher than 30!

  2. Temps higher than 30?? Oh, if only we could be so lucky to have temps anywhere CLOSE to that number! How about single digits or the teens?! And of course, I know there are others that would be thrilled with THOSE kinds of temps, too!! We're never quite satisfied when it comes to the weather, are we?!Great blog, Cathy!

  3. Hey Cathy! It's 24 degrees here at the moment…We're having a heat wave!! BUT, the forecast is calling from 2" to 8" of snow…depending on what channel I watch!! 🙂

  4. Cathy:My winner's goodie bag arrived today and i love the stuff! I actually was eyeing a similar mouse pad at Borders but didn't buy it. And who can't use a canvas bag….very green for shopping! Can't wait to read your story in the book…..but creepy stories can only be read in the daytime!!! Thanks again!!!

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