Finding a Calendar (Keeping One, Giving Away Two)

I could go on and on about this cheery little Disney Family Fun 2010 Activity Calendar. But if you don’t get one, then you’ll be terribly disappointed. And if you do get one, then you’ll already know everything you need to know.

See, I felt just the teensiest bit guilty about my Finders & Keepers friends feeling left out of the Giveaway fun. And then whee! Calendars in the mail! So, leave me a comment and maybe you’ll get a calendar!  Sally the Crazy Dog will sniff out a winner. Heck, I might even give away the third calendar.

Because this little gem is packed with family fun activities. And it was hard enough getting Junior Halls to have Family Fun back in the day. I just don’t think any of the young ‘uns will want to make a fruity frog (though it’s awful darn cute!)

One thought on “Finding a Calendar (Keeping One, Giving Away Two)

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