Finding Something Friday on Market of the Month (Yeah, Finally)

What can I say about the Market of the Month?

How about…

1. It’s kinda late.

2. It’s an anthology looking for humorous submissions.

3. It’s about Monster Mashups.

I’m a big fan of mashups (where you take two of something, like a song, and mash it together to make a whole of something). I’m a big fan of humor. And, I’m a big fan of horror. So when I saw Groanology, it spoke to me. And what it said was, “Cathy C. Hall, here’s your crazy market of the month. Finally!”

Fortunately, I’ve got a little time on my hands to write this story. I need two monsters and a humorous plot. And I need to keep the witty words short (1200 to 3200) and turn them in by June 1st.

So, there’s your Market of the Month, finally. What have you got to say?

8 thoughts on “Finding Something Friday on Market of the Month (Yeah, Finally)

  1. Good for you, Miss Cathy C.! It doesn't sound like anything that's up my alley, or down my lane, or in my groove….but that's okay! I need help! Will you please send me a great big kick in the butt to make settle down and write more in my book?? 😮

  2. Wow! I sure appreciate all y'all's support! (Of course, now the pressure's on to come up with something scathingly Southern and scary-witty. Eeeeks!)As for you, Becky, whaddaya doing here? Get back to that book! 🙂

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