Finding Contest Results (Wheee! and Phooey!)

I got a very lovely email from Smories  saying that my story, “Ondine Oxenburg is Definitely Different” made it into the 50 finalists! So a cute little Brit kid will record my story!

As I go around ALL THE TIME speaking in a very bad imitation of a British accent, I think it’s right jolly that at last my words will be spoken in a proper English way. And I may even win the competition! But even if I don’t, at least I’ll be able to go around ALL THE TIME, telling people about my story, read by a real, live Brit kid.

So, check out Smories on July1st (I’ll remind you) and check out their new guidelines. You can get your story read by a Brit kid, too! (Wheee!)

Also saw the names of the winners in the Highlights Fiction Contest. Mine was not one of them. (Phooey!)

(Thanks to stock.xchng for photo. I don’t think that’s an actual Brit kid, but c’mon. That’s one interested reader!)

2 thoughts on “Finding Contest Results (Wheee! and Phooey!)

  1. Thanks, Jessie! Of course, you haven’t heard the story yet, but I have a feeling y’all will be sick of hearing about it by the end of July. 😉

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