Thursday’s Three: Writing the Query Letter

I’ve had query letters on the brain lately…I suppose if I keep reading about how to write a great query letter, I’ll actually write a great query letter. So, as I’ve come across three wonderful resources, let’s tackle query letters. (Can’t I get a Wheee?)

1. Karen Strong, who blogs over at Musings of a Novelista, shared what she learned in 2010 FL SCBWI: Query Letters.

2. Janet Reid, Literary Agent, has a blog wherein she delves into all things query. She completes me-in a query sort of way.

3. Agent Query…kinda says it all. Except here’s tons of tips on writing the query letter.

No more excuses. Wheeeeeee!
(Thanks to stock.xchng for photo)

7 thoughts on “Thursday’s Three: Writing the Query Letter

  1. Query letters are tough buggers. It's easier to see what's wrong with one than to figure out what is right. As for me, I've had synopses on the mind since I know I need to rewrite mine. Query letters give me the shivers, but the synopsis is a horror-movie-style scream accompanied by tripping and breaking an ankle as the monster looms near.

  2. Madeline, I could NEVER forget the shark! (I've posted about Query Shark in the past-and she's listed here at the places I hang out. I don't think I'd ever be willing to get into the tank, though!)Good luck to you, too, Stacy!And Beth, whatever you do, DON'T GO DOWN IN THE BASEMENT.

  3. Thanks Miss Cathy C! I've been behind in my blog reading and posting, and e-mail writing, and my book writing, etc…etc…etc.! But, I always manage to get to my fav blogs, yours, of course is one of them…since you're so scathingly brilliant! 😀

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