On Winning Contests, Crazy Aunt Cloe, and Bubble Gum

Dear Donna (of Donna’s Book Pub),

You cannot imagine how thrilled I was to receive my contest-winning package today! Why, the very first thing I did was open that bubble gum and start chewing! I wanted to blow a BIG bubble for you, to show you just how much I appreciated my prizes!

So I chewed my Citrus Bubblegum a bit because you can’t blow a bubble just like that. And while I chewed, I read a delightful story, written by your granddaughter, Cari. The story was from the very first Cuivre River Anthology (of the Saturday Writers) and it was all about Crazy Aunt Cloe. I thought it was sorta funny that me and crazy Aunt Cloe’s names both begin with C. In fact, there are many folks who have called me crazy. But I figure that was all just a BIG coincidence.

Then I thought maybe the gum was ready, so I tried to blow my bubble. And then I said to myself, “Self, wouldn’t it be a fine thing if I could show off my bubble-blowing?” You see, Donna, when I was a wee, little girl, I won a bubble-blowing contest. You don’t forget skills like that. Off I went to find the camera. But when I took the picture, it came out like this:

It was a lousy bubble, anyway. So I chewed some more and read (though there were moments when I forgot to chew, so riveting were the words that crossed the pages) your story from A Cup of Comfort for Military Families. Then I collected myself and blew again.

Do you know how hard it is to blow a bubble and take a picture of it at the same time? But I persevered, because you’re a special person, and dadgum it, you went to a lot of trouble for me. And you shared your wonderful stories with me. So, Donna, this bubble’s for you!



8 thoughts on “On Winning Contests, Crazy Aunt Cloe, and Bubble Gum

  1. Hey Cathy,Thanks for your very kind words and wonderful photos. You are so multi-talented. I am amazed at all you can do. And it's also amazing that the package got to you so quickly. I just mailed it on Saturday–I even complained about my long lines and my long wait at the post office. By the time I left the PO I was definitely PO'd. I take back all my bad thoughts about the USPS. They came through with flying colors!Glad you enjoyed the stories and the sweets.DonnaP.S. Did you like the Cowboy stamps?

  2. Oh Cathy C….you are hilarious!! Loved your different attempts at capturing the bubble with your camera! And yes, you are correct..it is darn hard to try to take a picture of yourself! :)You've just GOT to come to our writing conference next Spring and stay with us, like I've already invited you to do!!! We'd have a blast!!

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