Monday Musings on Publishing and Such

Before I commence to gentle musing, I have a bit of a loud shout:


Now, on to (quieter) publishing subjects and such.

My good friend, Donna, over at Donna’s Book Pub, interviewed Linda Fisher on the subject of publishing (Linda edited and pubbed a recent anthology, A Shaker of Margaritas: Hot Flash Mommas). Linda also gives details about a submission opportunity at Mozark Press. You’ll want to read the whole thing for inside tips to getting your work published. Then you’ll want to submit. So zip over there now.

Wait! Not now, now. After you read the next publishing subject. To wit, the very BIG, very jam-packed book I just purchased called Jeff Herman’s Guide to Publishers, Editors and Literary Agents.

I’m not kidding about the size of this book. It’s as thick as…well, let’s just say you could use it as a booster seat. I’m plowing into it this week as Book 1 on my list of writing books to read this year. I thought I’d better start in January if I have any hopes of completing it. And I’ll share interesting tidbits as I go.

So, Tidbit One: “As someone who was young and is presently less young, I will confirm that nothings beats lessons learned from direct experience, especially those instances that carve humility into our know-it-all hides.” From Jeff Herman’s introduction

Amen to that, Jeff. You and I shall get along swimmingly. And one more note here. If you’re looking to purchase Jeff’s book, please choose carefully. I almost picked up the 2010 edition rather than the 2011 edition! The publishing world changes every day and you want to get the latest news, so make certain the cover reads “2011.”

Now we all have brilliant writing to produce, or contests to win, so I’ll end my musings and get back to work. Oh, and now, you can zip over to Donna’s Book Pub!

6 thoughts on “Monday Musings on Publishing and Such

  1. Oh, thanks, Donna! Yours was wonderful, too!Madeline, I'm THRILLED to have passed 90! Glad you liked the tip…I've got some serious reading to do. I may only get ONE writing book read this year! :-)Linda, thanks!You sound pretty fun yourself-;-)

  2. I have a copy of the book too, although mine is 2009. It's heavy enough to use for bench-pressing. We can get together for coffee and share them for weight-lifting :-)Next craft book for me to read is Hooked by Les Edgerton about writing fiction that grabs readers on page 1.

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