Wednesday WINNERS!

I’m SO excited to share the winners of the Big Bang B & N Followers Contest with you! And I have the names right…um, had the names here, just a minute ago.

Hmmmm…Not to worry, I know they’re here somewhere. Let me just move this HUGE book and Cathy-on-a-Stick, and Eureka!

But before I post the winners (and you know your eyes just dropped down to scan the names), I want to say thank you to everyone who signed on as a new follower. I hope you’ll come back and visit often. Especially because you may win sometime in the future. I have another contest coming up soon, and you’re going to love the prize! Okay, okay, moving on…

The winning NEW follower (who shall receive a $20 gift card from Barnes and Noble)…Jodi!

Now, as it happens, Jodi signed up after I posted an announcement about the contest on the Premium Green boards. So, technically, she was sent by, um, me. It didn’t seem too sporting to win my own contest, so I threw the names into again and came up with the next new follower.

The winning blogger who sent that follower my way (and who shall also receive a $20 gift card from Barnes and Noble)…Stacy!

But then, I spun the names of all those folks who graciously wrote a blog post, promoting my contest. I SO appreciated all y’all (as we say in the South) taking the time to help me meet my goal (and honestly, anything over 90 was gravy!). There were TEN bloggers mixing it up on, by the way. THANK YOU!

The winning blogger who posted about the contest (who shall receive a $10 gift card from Barnes and Noble)…Madeline!

So, Jodi, Stacy and Madeline, I’ll need your address in order to send you a gift card. And I’ll send the gift cards right out. Um, as soon as I find them.

15 thoughts on “Wednesday WINNERS!

  1. YEH! Congrats to Jodi and Stacy and um, me! Thanks, Cathy! I hope all your new followers out there continue to come back and visit and chat. It really is a cool blog and I swear I'm not just saying that because I won something. Really! 🙂

  2. Yeah us! I have to tell you, after entering the contest and meandering(don't you love that word?) around your blogs I got inspired, polished up a children's book idea I've been playing with, and FINALLY sent it out today. So if I sell it you are number 1 on my list of people to receive a book!

  3. Y'all are so very welcome! But you, Jodi–if you sell that book, I expect a $20 gift card from Barnes and Noble!!! :-)P.S. I'm still getting followers from all of you who so graciously blogged about the contest, or tweeted the post, or mentioned it to a friend. When I sell MY book, I'll send B & N cards to EVERYONE!! Okay, maybe not everyone. That icky guy who left a link to unseemly stuff will get a rock.

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