Finding Me and More at Guardian Angel Kids

“Spring is beginning to awaken and what better time to get your body moving and grooving then through the April 2011 issue of Guardian Angel Kids Ezine. Healthy living and eating is always important to one’s well being for both mind and body so come along and spring on over to Guardian Angel Kids and find out what is in store for you this month”

Thanks to the editor at Guardian Angel Kids for that swell introduction! Because, honestly, I couldn’t have said it better myself. Health may have been the theme for the April issue, but it was Spring that inspired my story “Finding Ideas.”

There’s just something about new blooms and warming weather that makes a body want to shed overcoats and scarves and head outdoors. That’s what the little boy in my story does when he can’t figure out what to write about for a Health project. Once outside, he finds plenty of  ideas.

Check out the list of upcoming themes and maybe you’ll find an idea for a story while you’re taking a walk, riding a bike, or even mowing the lawn. Or maybe like me, you’ll sit at your desk, look out the window, and think something up.

(Hey, I was still inspired by Spring!)

P.S. Can you tell this dogwood tree has both pink and white blooms? I know Spring has sprung when I ride down the road near my house and see my favorite tree in bloom!

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