Thing One and Thing Two OR Writing Advice and Reading Awesomeness

Long before I ever read Stephen King’s quote, “Read a lot and write a lot,” I followed that advice.
One thing that I read a lot of is writing advice (What a coincidence!). And it just so happens that I came across a whole list of great quotes of writing advice (How serendipitous!). Truth be told, I’ve already posted about this fabulous list over at Finders & Keepers. But I found it so nice, I’m discussing it twice! So Thing One is this list from Online College of 101 Words of Wisdom from Famous Authors. Something tells me I should take another look-see at F. Scott Fitzgerald’s advice (“Cut out all those exclamation marks. An exclamation mark is like laughing at your own joke.”)
Yes, well, on to Thing Two. I got a heads up today from Jodi Webb who’s participating in a blog hop. (Notice I did NOT use an exclamation point. I wanted to, but as per the above advice, I restrained myself. Honestly, it feels as if something is lacking. Something like a big, fat exclamation point.)
If you’re looking for a chance to win a TON of books, this is the blog hop for you. Over 200 blogs are participating and giving away all sorts of prizes. So here’s your chance to follow Mr. King’s advice and read a lot, assuming you win books. You have till the 24th to join in the fun, so hop over now and start signing up. (!)
(I know you’re probably wondering about that fox squirrel. Because usually, I have a way of bringing a totally unrelated pic like that into a post and making a brilliantly witty remark by post’s end. But this whole exclamation point thing has me off my game. Blame it on Fitzgerald.)

5 thoughts on “Thing One and Thing Two OR Writing Advice and Reading Awesomeness

  1. That is a way-cool squirrel, and the book of quotes deserves an exclamation point regardless of Mr. F.'s opinion. He's definitely got a (non-exclamation) point about (!) though. I'm guilty.

  2. You have weird looking squirrels down south. Ours are solid light gray and don't look like they want to rip your throat out. YOU also have good advice and timely information, and I so want to add an exclamation point.School's out for the summer! I had to do it. I'm heading your way in three weeks.

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