Finding BOOKS! And a CONTEST!

So, remember when I told you all about Gail’s trip to Chautauqua and her book giveaway? And then I told you to rush over there and sign up so you could win?

I won! I won two swell books! And they came in the mail today:

I’ve had so many people recommend Mockingbird by Kathryn Erskine, so I’m thrilled to have it! And though I don’t have a book of my very own yet, I have high hopes. So I’m eager to jump into Jacqueline Deval’s Publicize Your Book to learn a thing or two. So thank you, thank you, Gail! I’m so glad I dashed over to your blog for the book giveaway!

Speaking of dashing over, I wouldn’t have won, just sitting here on my boomerosity, thinking about how swell it would be to win books. I had to, you know, actually do something. So here’s your chance to do something and win, too. It’s the Family Friendly Short Story Writing Contest. There’s no entry fee but there are prizes! You can win cash and a subscription to CBI (Children’s Book Insider). Not too shabby, there.

All you have to, you know, actually do is write a story that’s family friendly. You can do that. And you can win, too. (Now dash off and start writing–you only have till Oct. 1st!)

2 thoughts on “Finding BOOKS! And a CONTEST!

  1. WOW, The mail was quick! So glad you’re happy with the books! You’ll love Mockingbird….and of course YOUR copy is autographed!

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