Keeping Up with Knowonder Magazine

knowonder! is an online magazine for children where young readers can find a story every day. Yep, every single day.

That’s a lot of content. So the editor needs lots of stories. And according to the email I just received, knowonder! will now be paying for stories! Oh, frabjous day!

It just so happens that I have quite a few stories. And it also happens that I enjoy being paid for the use of my stories. Of course, I also like kids to read my stories. So really, it’s a win-win-win at knowonder!

I’ll bet you have a story or two, also. Find out how to submit your splendiferous stories here. But first, you might want to peruse the stories and website to get a feel for this children’s market. I liked them on Facebook, to keep up with knowonder!.

Hey, don’t act like there’s not a seven-year-old reader in you, waiting for your story a day.

5 thoughts on “Keeping Up with Knowonder Magazine

  1. Yay! I love this! Thanks so much for spreading the word. We are having fun over here at knowonder! Send us your very best creative stuff! Use lots of word wizard (literary device) stuff! Write for that inner kid in you that’s waiting for that story a day and send it on over ; )
    knowonder! magazine

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