Tooting My Horn Tuesday: Knowonder (It’s a Book!)

hermans-horrible-day-cover-5.5-x-8.5 A while back, I shared with you about a new market for children’s writers called knowonder. And then I shared that I had a story published at knowonder called “The Chocolate Cake Bait.” You’d think that would be enough, but you’d be wrong. Because now, my story’s been included in one of the knowonder story collections: Herman’s Horrible Day.

I love what’s going on over at knowonder. And I love lists. So let’s put the two together!

1. I love that the editorial team is so responsive to their market. When they realized that parents weren’t as likely to read the stories from electronic devices, they developed a paper format. They’ve published four volumes of story collections now (but they have Kindle versions as well for those parents who really like electronic format and cost).

2. I love their Story-a-day initiative. When the Junior Halls were Wee Halls, we enjoyed a lot of reading. Each child had his or her reading preferences. Oldest Junior Hall was my “read-aloud stories” kid. He had quite the imagination, and honestly, he could listen to me read for hours. I think he’d still sit down for a good listen if I offered a read. (Is that weird for a twenty-something?) Juniorette Hall would rather read for herself, thank you very much. And Juniorest Hall found a story he liked and wanted it read over and over and over and…you get the picture. The point is, each of these kids read every day. (Sometimes the same story, but still.) And they reaped the benefits of daily reading. I love that knowonder is all about providing stories every day, with enough different stories to reach every reader in the home.

3. I love that they pay their writers –and that they offer promotional support as well. Yes, they’re a business model, and they want to succeed financially. But I appreciate the passion behind why they want to succeed. They want kids to read. And that’s why I write stories.

Know wonder I love ’em so much!

P.S. Speaking of writing stories, before you write the first word of your next story, you may want to read my post over at The Muffin. Then get to work. Knowonder needs lots of stories (and articles, too)!

The Letter A Stands For Agent! Artsyletters! And Aw, Shucks!

So here I am, home again, home again, jiggity jig. And I will tell you all about the Rutgers One-Plus-One Conference…er, tomorrow. But today is for the Letter A (she wrote, showing off her mad rhyming skills).

Agent Courtney shared “Lies Writers Tell Themselves” from Alexander Chee, and it’s absolutely worth dashing over there for a read. And then you must leave a comment for Agent Courtney as she will do a critique contest later in the month if she gets 25 comments. And not like certain folks (Ahem) who might leave a half dozen comments to boost the count (because I already tried that and she didn’t seem too keen on the idea).

Artsyletters–you remember Robyn Hood Black’s very cool new venture?–is still offering the October discount. Don’t forget that you can order anything and get a 15% discount as long as you include CATHY2012 at the checkout. I hope she still has the artsyletter available that I want. Although to be honest, there are lots of artsyletters I like. So a person (say like the Beneficent Mr. Hall) who was searching for a birthday gift for an October birthday girl (say like Cathy C. Hall), could certainly find a delightful present.

Aw, shucks, y’all, it was nothing. (My story, The Chocolate Cake Bait, was over at knowonder! in September. Somehow, I missed the Auspicious debut, but I wanted to give a shout out to knowonder! because they offer stories every day, and maybe you know a couple little readers who might enjoy The Chocolate Cake Bait as well as lots of other fun tales. And I also wanted to let you, the Authors, know that they are closed for submissions now in order to catch up, but will be open again in January. Which gives you plenty of time to write an Awesome story.)

I think that’s about it, except to say…Ahhhh. It’s good to be home again.


Just a Few Writing/Reading To Do’s

1. If you haven’t commented yet to win a copy of the super adorable picture book, The Smiley Book of Colors, go here now and find out more!

2. Do you know about my friend’s search for wonderful family stories? Linda O’Connell is editing a Publishing Syndicate’s anthology: Not Your Mother’s Book…on Family. You can find out all the details here (plus a little something about Anne Lamott who’s written a book with her son, Sam).

3. Knowonder magazine is now paying $25 to $50 for stories and/or articles. They’ll be back June 1st, but they’re accepting submissions now. Go here to find out how you can get your story in the next issue!

4. Come back here tomorrow to read what author, Lisa de Nikolits (West of WaWa), has to share about “What To Do When Your Publisher Closes Shop.” Besides cry, I mean.

And speaking of what to do, if you finish this To Do List today, just imagine what all you’ll accomplish. It’s mind-boggling (not to mention potentially lucrative).