Keeping Up with Picture Book Month

You thought I was going to say Picture Book IDEA Month, didn’t you? But today is all about appreciating the picture book. That’s the idea behind the Picture Book Month website, dedicated to encouraging everyone to celebrate literacy with picture books.

Every day during the month of November, a picture book author or illustrator will champion their thoughts on why picture books are important. Now honestly, I already know picture books are important. Picture books made my painfully shy childhood a happier place. Picture books were very often the only friends I had. And I can still remember favorite friends from so…well, we’ll just say my childhood and leave it at that. ( I’m not talking about just the titles here. I can close my eyes and see the pictures. I can recall lines and lines of the text. It sort of impresses me the way I can repeat whole pages of picture books I’ve loved.)

But enough about me (and my amazing powers). The point here is that in this digital age of publishing, picture books need a little love. It’s one thing to read a novel on an e-reader, but a picture book? Just not the same.

Besides, what’s the point of coming up with tons of picture book ideas if publishers decide they’re past their time? So while you’re working up those wonderful ideas, take a moment to check out why other authors and illustrators before you think picture books are important. Get inspired! Then put a Picture Book Month Ambassador badge on your blog or Facebook or forehead.

Because picture books can make a difference in a child’s life. I’m walking, talking (to just about anybody) proof.

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