Building a Dream Board, Baby

You’ve heard of a dream board, right? A bulletin board or wall or whatever space you choose to slap up words and/or images representational of your dream. And you’ve heard of Oprah, right? She had a talk show for many years where she…okay, I’m not sure what all went on during those shows. I’ve never actually watched an Oprah show. But that’s a story for another day.

Today we’re discussing dream boards and Oprah and oh! Julie Hedlund, too (where I read this post about the dream board).

Honestly, I’m not much of a dream board person. I have bulletin boards with extremely important notes on them. Like “Twitter Password” (where I forgot to write the Twitter password). Or “What are you trying to say, Cathy???” (You’d be surprised how often I lose track of what I’m trying to say–or maybe not.) And I even have a picture or two pinned up as well. There are the Junior Halls and a Pearls Before Swine comic strip (SO hilarious! The strip, I mean, although the Junior Halls are pretty hilarious, too.) But not really what you’d classify as a dream board.

So this whole dream board idea was new to me. But I’m a sucker for making lovely things on the Internets, so I clicked over to the Oprah website and WOW. That Oprah’s everywhere! I mean, that website’s a veritable smorgasbord of self-help. However, in order to avoid getting sucked into the Oprah vortex, you might want to just skip straight to the dream board building.

I designed my very first dream board, and I exported it to my computer so I could add it here (Look! It’s over there, on the right, in the sidebar, too!) and talk about it. But um, I think I’ve gone on quite enough for now. So we’ll look at the stuff on my dream board another day.

In the meantime, you can build your own dream board! And yes, you’ll have to sign up for, but it’s free. You’ll just need a username and a password. (I’ve sorta lost my password already. But it’s probably on my bulletin board, right?)


17 thoughts on “Building a Dream Board, Baby

  1. You’ve NEVER seen an Oprah show? Seriously, woman? Holy Toledo! In any case, Dreamboard…yes! Yay! I actually have two boards…with dreams scattered between both :D. As well as passwords, pictures of kiddos, both fur and otherwise, and other helpful stuff. But right in the middle? In big letters? A big ol’ quote: “There is no substitute for hard work.” – Thomas Edison

    • PERFECT quote, Kara! I have a board about six feet from my desk with quotes. Unfortunately, I can’t read that far when I’m actually sitting at my desk. I’m counting on osmosis to do its trick. 🙂

      And seriously, I’ve never watched an Oprah show. I’ve seen clips, I think. Was it Oprah where Tom Cruise went nuts? I wish I had some really cool/highly intellectual reason but it comes down to this: I don’t watch daytime TV (during the week). Except for Spongebob.

      Oh, wait! I watched “Dark Shadows” when I was a kid. Dang. Now that creepy music’s going to be stuck in my head.

  2. Mine would be filled w/ pictures of George Clooney, wine and successful brilliant children buying me a house..
    filled w/ wine and next door to George Clooney.

  3. I have never seen an Oprah show, either, though I have seen parts of her shows whilst waiting in doctor’s offices. Same with Doctor Phil.

    I don’t watch daytime TV either. Or nighttime TV for that matter.

    I love dream boards, too, with inspirational quotes and pictures.

    • Donna, I bet you’ll have a ton of fun with it! (And thanks for the compliment! I try to make this place as hipster as possible 😉

      Sally, I’ve seen the end of a Dr. Phil show. But NO TV? No (gulp) football, or baseball, or Downton Abbey? I’m feeling faint just thinking about that. 😉

      (Although I *think* I may have just figured out why you’re such a good writer!)

  4. Although I’m a big Oprah fan, I can see how people would never have seen it. There were years when I had a full-time job, for example. In the days before DVRs. 🙂

    But I watched her last three seasons pretty regularly, and I even saw the show where she first talked about dream boards. Ever since then I’ve wanted to do it. I’ve only gone so far as to cut out a few pictures, but my foam board is still blank. But I WILL do it! I will!


  5. I love this idea. I started one several months ago on Pinterest, then lost my password. (We definitely have some things in common!) I never went back, and my wall is sadly bare. You’ve inspired me to give it another go. And thanks for the direct link to avoid the Oprah vortex…I tend to stay far away from her gravitational pull most of the time.

  6. I’m afraid to go check this out because I KNOW I will get caught up in Oprah World if I go over there and the next time I look up from the computer, it will be time for dinner. Sigh. I do have a vision board – an actual, physical one – but, of course, it needs updating and it’s kind of dusty. Hmm, maybe an online one would be better…

    Next you’ll tell us you’ve never seen or read or her magazine… 🙂

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