Building a Dream Board, Baby

You’ve heard of a dream board, right? A bulletin board or wall or whatever space you choose to slap up words and/or images representational of your dream. And you’ve heard of Oprah, right? She had a talk show for many years where she…okay, I’m not sure what all went on during those shows. I’ve never actually watched an Oprah show. But that’s a story for another day.

Today we’re discussing dream boards and Oprah and oh! Julie Hedlund, too (where I read this post about the dream board).

Honestly, I’m not much of a dream board person. I have bulletin boards with extremely important notes on them. Like “Twitter Password” (where I forgot to write the Twitter password). Or “What are you trying to say, Cathy???” (You’d be surprised how often I lose track of what I’m trying to say–or maybe not.) And I even have a picture or two pinned up as well. There are the Junior Halls and a Pearls Before Swine comic strip (SO hilarious! The strip, I mean, although the Junior Halls are pretty hilarious, too.) But not really what you’d classify as a dream board.

So this whole dream board idea was new to me. But I’m a sucker for making lovely things on the Internets, so I clicked over to the Oprah website and WOW. That Oprah’s everywhere! I mean, that website’s a veritable smorgasbord of self-help. However, in order to avoid getting sucked into the Oprah vortex, you might want to just skip straight to the dream board building.

I designed my very first dream board, and I exported it to my computer so I could add it here (Look! It’s over there, on the right, in the sidebar, too!) and talk about it. But um, I think I’ve gone on quite enough for now. So we’ll look at the stuff on my dream board another day.

In the meantime, you can build your own dream board! And yes, you’ll have to sign up for, but it’s free. You’ll just need a username and a password. (I’ve sorta lost my password already. But it’s probably on my bulletin board, right?)