Friday’s Fun Find: CONFERENCE TIME!

I LOVE writer’s conferences! And I especially love Springmingle, which happens to be my own region’s (Southern Breeze) SCBWI conference that’s held every February. I love to catch up with writer friends I hardly ever get to see, and I love hearing the First Page critiques, and I love meeting agents and editors and famous authors. I even love those nerve-wracking formal critiques.

And so I’m off to mingle this fine almost spring day. But first a little oldie-but-goodie tip from Arthur A. Levine, Vice-President of Scholastic Books. (And P.S. If you’re a conference lover, too, you’ll want to check out The Official SCBWI Conference Blog. I think that title pretty much says it all.)

8 thoughts on “Friday’s Fun Find: CONFERENCE TIME!

  1. Hooray for SpringMingle! Remember two years ago when there was a blizzard (ahem…by Georgia standards) on Sunday morning? Ever since then, I’ve referred to this conference as SnowMingle. Let’s hope for no SnowMingle this year! I’m thinking it’s called SpringMingle because MidWinterMingle (as our buddy Lauren likes to call it), is just not very catchy…
    See you in a few hours!

  2. Yeah….love this video. Did I hear her say she had a 300 page picture book? Hee hee! That is a little hidden nugget I didn’t notice on previous viewings. Problem is, I’ve absorbed so many of the almighty rules of “etiquette & protocol” for writer’s conferences that I’m now quite scared and sick to death to even say “boo” to an agent or editor at a conference unless they point at me and say something like, “You now, hopeful one. Amuse me with your worthless manuscript pitch.” If I have not paid for their time, I feel like I should apologize for my existence before breathing. That said, I’ve always been given very positive reviews of my pitch, first pages and query.

    Hope SpringMingle was fabulous for you!

    • Hi Trisha!

      All us hopeful ones had our tanks filled with good info and energizing mojo. I’m not so sure any of our hopes were totally fulfilled (Contracts given! Agents signed! Ummm…) but I’d say Springmingle was semi-fabu. πŸ™‚

      Thanks for dipping into the comment pool! Come back again anytime. πŸ˜‰

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