Mingling and Moving Forward

So I had a lovely time at Springmingle, the Southern Breeze’s SCBWI conference this past weekend in Atlanta. It’s all over, as they say, but the transcribing of the notes.

Er…I did take notes. When I’m listening to presentations on writing fine dialogue or how to punch up a plot or what makes a thriller, I scribble furiously. But when I’m listening to a speech that’s inspiring and thoughtful and just fills my soul with all those writerly words I need to hear, the notes sort of drift off into a word or two. Oopsies.

So I’m sorry that I can’t share Kirby Larson’s points from her wonderful keynote speech. But I can direct you to her blog where she lists all the books she mentioned (that was lucky, huh?) and you can follow her posts to get a little inspiration and/or information. (By the way, is it only in the South where mac ‘n cheese is a vegetable? I mean, if you go through the cafeteria line, where else are they going to put mac ‘n cheese???)

Anyway, I picked up her latest book, The Friendship Doll, and of course, Cathy-on-a-Stick had to get in the picture with ’em. (I think my pic was a little miffed that the pics on the book were all wearing delightful outfits while Cathy-on-a-stick was a tad under-dressed for the occasion.)

And I did remember the last poem that Kirby read called “God Says Yes to Me” by Kaylin Haught. I love the last lines…

what I’m telling you is
Yes Yes Yes

Yep, I’ll keep going to conferences (and probably forget to take notes). But that’s okay. I’m listening and learning,  writing and growing. And someday, I’ll get my Yes.

10 thoughts on “Mingling and Moving Forward

  1. I was thrilled with SM this year: got inspired, got a new critique group, got a new approach to rewrite my MG novel and keep it accurate, and found my writing mojo again! Who could ask for more in one weekend. Oh yeah, made some new friends. Love the writer community!!!!!

  2. At last! The eagerly-awaited return of CATHY ON A STICK! Every time I drop by, I’m hoping to catch up on her latest adventure. That made my day. Rock on, CATHY ON A STICK! And you too, Cathy. Looks like you both found something to take away from the conference.

    • I KNOW, Val–it’s been SO long! I take Cathy on a Stick with me–and then forget to take her picture. (Or the Beneficent Mr. Hall refuses to hold while I click. Pfffft.)

      I wish I had one of those cameras that click, click, clicked instantly, like the pros use. Then you could see the first pic when I show someone Cathy-on-a-Stick (COMPLETE confusion) and then the second pic (feeling quite silly holding a pic on a stick) and then finally, the third pic (resignation while waiting for me to take pic).

      I seriously love my job. 🙂

  3. Cathy, I think some people take notes on paper and some take notes in their hearts. I believe you are the latter.

    It was great to meet you — now get back to work on your book! 😉

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