Just a Few Writing/Reading To Do’s

1. If you haven’t commented yet to win a copy of the super adorable picture book, The Smiley Book of Colors, go here now and find out more!

2. Do you know about my friend’s search for wonderful family stories? Linda O’Connell is editing a Publishing Syndicate’s anthology: Not Your Mother’s Book…on Family. You can find out all the details here (plus a little something about Anne Lamott who’s written a book with her son, Sam).

3. Knowonder magazine is now paying $25 to $50 for stories and/or articles. They’ll be back June 1st, but they’re accepting submissions now. Go here to find out how you can get your story in the next issue!

4. Come back here tomorrow to read what author, Lisa de Nikolits (West of WaWa), has to share about “What To Do When Your Publisher Closes Shop.” Besides cry, I mean.

And speaking of what to do, if you finish this To Do List today, just imagine what all you’ll accomplish. It’s mind-boggling (not to mention potentially lucrative).

9 thoughts on “Just a Few Writing/Reading To Do’s

  1. Hi Cathy! Great info…but I must say that MY To Do List for today, stated that I’m just now checking blogs! And it’s after 2:00pm here! Woo! Hope you have a fabulous week!

    • Oh, dear, Becky…I’m still catching up from my week away. I hope I haven’t missed anything too scathingly brilliant at your place! 😉

  2. Checking out the anthology now to see if any of my family stories will fit. I’ve been thinking of submitting to Knowonder; I think you’ve convinced me!

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