Fun Friday! On a Friday!

One day! That’s all you have to win a $25 Amazon gift certificate over at Enchanted Conversation! BUT you have two ways to win, so listen up.

If you’re already a follower at Enchanted Conversation (like moi), you’ll want to throw your name in this contest. And if you haven’t quite got round to following Enchanted Conversation, then now’s a splendiferous time to to do so and throw your name in for this contest. When you’ve finished up that bit o’ fun, you’ll still have plenty of time left for reading fun at Enchanted Conversation!

Speaking of Amazon, I noticed that one of the Hall Nephews had put up an Amazon Wishlist for his Birthday today. SO fun! And being related and possibly the godmother of this Hall Nephew, I zipped over to check out the list. He’d picked out a stunning Rolex watch, a backyard grill that was possibly bigger than his backyard, and somewhat la-ti-da boxer shorts.Ā I’m thinking his philosophy might be if you can’t wish big, why bother to wish? So I’m wishing him luck with that scheme. Happy Birthday!

And finally, I’m wishing you fun over at Bored Panda (the only magazine for Pandas). Not that you’ll be bored at all. You’ll laugh, you’ll marvel, you’ll waste some time. (I recommend you click on the POPULAR tab for optimal time wastage). ‘Cause it’s Fun Friday, y’all–now get out there and have some fun!


4 thoughts on “Fun Friday! On a Friday!

    • Hahhahaa! Me, too, Sally! (He has an idea for a book, btw. But actually writing it? Not so much. šŸ˜‰

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