Children’s Book Week and Freebies and an Auction, Oh My!

If you’re a children’s writer, you probably already know about Children’s Book Week–but just in case you don’t…wheeee! It’s Children’s Book Week!

What that means for you is the way cool poster by David Wiesner (it’s free!) that you can send off for and have mailed to your very own home or library or school. Or the way cool bookmark by Lane Smith (also free!) that you can print off, paste to cardboard, and have for your very own books. And the Children’s Choice Book Awards (How many have YOU read?) that represent tons of kiddie votes. (P.S. I’ve got some Middle Grade reading to do.)

And now that you’re all pumped up about Children’s Book Week, you’re ready to do what it takes to get your own book out there to the kiddies, right? So you might want to check out the Pens for Paws Auction where writers are auctioning off all kinds of lovely things. Including manuscript critiques! Wheee!

Or maybe you just love kitties. Either way, off you go–the auction’s like Children’s Book Week: Ending May 13th!!!!

10 thoughts on “Children’s Book Week and Freebies and an Auction, Oh My!

    • There are some good ‘uns, Madeline–and you know kids will love ’em! (You’ll love ’em, too!) 😉

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