Blogging Through

There comes a time–and I believe it was when the plumber’s 47th bang rang out–that a person has to throw in the towel and give up on writing anything terribly creative.

However, I am a professional writer. And so–Great. Now it’s drilling.–I shall power through. Because earlier (that would be May 16th), I wrote a terribly creative blog post for The Muffin that you might want to check out. Although to be honest, I only wrote what I heard at a recent SCBWI schmooze (translation: writer’s workshop.)

Thanks to the brilliant Janice Hardy and Shelli Johannes Wells, our writer heads were brimming with plotting and marketing tips and insider knowledge.

And under normal circunstances, I’d elaborate. But now the floor guy is here.

3 thoughts on “Blogging Through

    • Oh, thanks, Donna! Janice and Shelli share their wealth of knowledge at their blogs–and they’re really nice in person, too!

      Hmmm…that sounds like someone I know. 😉 (Okay, we haven’t actually “met” but I just know you’re really nice!)

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