Cherry Blossom Blues

So I walked in the house to the Beneficent Mr. Hall saying, “They’re coming to cut down those trees.”

What? The trees? The cherry blossom trees? You’re chopping them down???

I stomped up the stairs–and muttered under my breath about being the last to know about the goings on going on in this house, and spending money on chopping down trees, and harrumph, harrumph, harrumph.

And before I had even stopped harrumphing, the tree guys came and bzzzzzzz. Crack. One cherry blossom tree down. Then bzzzzzzzzzzz. Crack, crack, crack. The other cherry blossom tree down. Twenty years of cherry blossom trees, gone. Just. Like. That.

Now, honestly, the trees had died from some marauding cherry blossom beetle. And the Beneficent Mr. Hall had said months ago that the trees had to go. I mean, out of the blue, limbs just dropped off the cherry blossom trees. It’s a wonder that no one had been knocked out cold.  But still…

I stood outside, watching those trees fall down and I felt like crying. It’s silly, I know. But I loved those cherry blossom trees. I loved the pink blooms, carpeting the trees. I loved how the flower petals fell at the same time, and when the wind blew, it looked like snow swirling across my driveway. And for weeks after, mounds of petals littered the yard and when I walked through them, bursts of white flicked up from my feet. Until finally, the petals drifted away. I wonder where they went?

I’ll miss those trees. And I didn’t even have a picture of them.

13 thoughts on “Cherry Blossom Blues

  1. Oh, I feel your pain. Those trees are gorgeous. Every spring when my friends in Alaska are still living in 18 degree weather and under five feet of snow, I tell my kids we have the better kind of snow down here. The little petals from the blossoms on so many of the trees here.

    • Oh, they were so gorgeous, Sally! It’s funny, though, ’cause they bloom for about a week, then pfffffffft. The petals fall like snow and they’re gone. Just another tree. But my, my. For one brief shining moment, they are truly gorgeous!

    • Aw, thanks, Vicky. It wasn’t exactly a writer-ish post, but I couldn’t get the cherry blossoms out of my head till I wrote a good-bye to them.

  2. Cathy–What a wonderful post title. It made your blog irresistable…

    If I were you, I would google “cherry blossom prints” or paintings or photographs, and see what comes up. You should have a view of a cherry blossom tree, somehow.

    Tell BMH (your hubby) that the mojo that cherry blossoms put off is integral to your writing process. OR tell him you’ll get a tattoo of a cherry blossom tree on your body unless he finds a piece of art to satisfy this basic need of yours.

    • Ha! I like the way you think, Sioux! I see a cherry blossom print in my future. On the right wall of my office. 😉

  3. I know exactly what you mean. I grew up in Michigan and across the street from my house was an apple orchard. Next door was a cherry orchard. There was one magical week in late spring where the beauty of all those blossoms was breathtaking. I’d sit on our front steps and take it all in. I guess it worked because I remember that site so clearly today. Even without a picture, you’ll never forget your trees. 🙂

  4. Hi Cathy,
    How sad. You’ve captured your feelings so strongly that I felt frustrated too. If you want to recapture the smell of cherry blossoms, the Bath and Body shop has a Japanese Cherry Blossom fragrance that is lovely.

    • I have used that lotion, Donna, and yes, it smells wonderful!

      We had a pear tree that bloomed on the side of the house that I’d smell for weeks when I got into my car. We called it the “fishy” tree. NOT a good smell. 😉

  5. My hubby did the same thing, came home and the tree was GONE, But he did plant a cherry blossom tree. I heard their life span is twenty years. I can relate to your angst about those gorgeous trees. I love them.

    • Yes, I’ve heard that aswell, Linda. I suppose thos trees had a few extra years–and I should be thankful for the beauty it provided for so long!

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